Want a good webinar? Get focused!

A Bridge Too Far Cover

What’s the secret of a great webinar?

A webinar is a broadcast, something like a radio programme or a movie.

If you want to keep people engaged, provide value and make your session memorable, there is one thing you absolutely have to do, and it’s something you can learn from the movies.


You have to focus.

High stakes stories
If you want focus, look at how Hollywood works. With tens of millions of dollars riding on success on each movie, they pay a lot of attention to getting them right.

In Cornelius Ryan’s 570-page epic World War II tale A Bridge Too Far he recounts the doomed Allied attempt to capture a series of bridges in the Netherlands to speed the push to Berlin.

The book consists of a series of eye-witness accounts, including five different acts of gallantry in which the Victoria Cross was awarded, Britain’s highest award for gallantry in war time.

Writing the screen play for A Bridge Too Far, William Goldman tells how he included each of these heroic stories and then, one by one, cut them all out. Why?

They didn’t progress what he was focused on: the story.

Being brutal
When putting together your webinar, you have to be as brutal with your own story. Ask yourself this question: what is your point? What are you trying to get across?

For Goldman, the story was as clear and straight as the road running over those bridges – and if a detail didn’t carry that story forward, he ditched it.

You have to be as focused. Be utterly clear what your point is, and be completely brutal about omitting your favourite pictures, anecdotes and jokes if they don’t take you on that road.

Do that, and you’ll be well on the way to a webinar as engaging as a Hollywood blockbuster.


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