What makes a webinar master?

LPI-WebinarMasterClassGraphicSomething went wrong.

Webinars were supposed to be the low cost tool that would make meetings easier, span the globe and spread information across your organisation like wildfire.

It hasn’t happened quite like that.

Instead, webinars have become the reviled, bastard step-cousin of Microsoft PowerPoint. Widely disliked, seldom fully attended and only grudgingly accepted in most organisations.

This is a great pity. It doesn’t have to be that way. With just a little effort they could achieve their potential and be a great way to meet and share information quickly.

On 11th May I’ll deliver an LPI Webinar that explains how: What makes a webinar master?

We accept that wearing a dinner jacket doesn’t turn you into James Bond (although some men seem to believe it does), and we don’t blame the tux for that. The man needs to get down the gym and work on his one-liners.

Yet when a webinar is badly delivered, it’s the medium that gets the bad rap. Webinars are labelled as boring information dumps.

it isn’t the medium. It’s the presenter. It’s always the presenter.

I’ve attended brilliant webinars, where excellent presenters have made an hour shoot by. They use the same tools as everyone else. The difference: they’ve taken the time to develop themselves and worked on the skills needed for this medium.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve coached hundreds of people – newbies and polished performers alike – to deliver great webinars and I’ve learned what it takes to do a great job presenting online. Not a great deal as it turns out. But it does have to be learned.

I reckon developing great webinar delivery skills takes about time and effort as learning how to drive. You’d never expect anyone to get behind the wheel of a car without first gaining their licence, and yet people regularly create mayhem online by not picking up a few simple tricks before presenting.

Join me on 11th May at 12:00 UK time. In What makes a webinar master? I’ll explain the one thing that differentiates good webinars from bad, and the three things you can do to make sure your next online event is brilliant.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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