The six key roles in a webinar

Delivery is only one of the roles essential to a successful webinar. I reckon there are six key roles. It is possible, even usual, for one person to fill more than one of these. It’s even possible for one person to fill all of the first five:

1. Presenter – creates and delivers the content
2. Host – facilitates the event, does introductions, Q&A, watches chat
3. Producer – chooses topic and presenter, schedules rehearsals, may edit content
4. Marketer – ensures sufficient delegates turn up, and with the correct expectations
5. Administrator – deals with technical issues
6. Attendee – needs clear expectations and an understanding of webinar etiquette

Delivery is crucial, but if the other roles are not fulfilled, even the best presentation will fail.

This is an extract from Webinar Master, a free 44-page guide to great online delivery.
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