Expect this list of resources to grow over time.

Books on webinars

Courville, Roger. The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook. Createspace, 2009
Steed, Colin. Facilitating Online Learning. Engaged Online Learning, 2011

General books on presenting

Block, Giles. Speaking the Speech. Nick Hern Books, 2013
Duarte, Nancy. Resonate. Wiley, 2010
Mills, Jenni. The Broadcast Voice. Focal Press, 2004
Reynolds, Garr. Presentation Zen. New Riders, 2007
Tuft, Edward R. Visual Explanations. Graphics Press USA, 1997
Weissman, Jerry. Presenting to Win. Prentice Hall, 2008

Upcoming webinars

The Learning and Skills Group – about 40 webinars/year on Learning and Development, almost all hosted by me.


Taylor, Donald. Preparing to be a webinar master. LPI, October, 2015
Taylor, Donald. Tips on being a webinar master. LNR, December, 2015

Great blog posts

How to rock at webinars – Craig Hadden
Tips for webinars or virtual training – Cathy Moore

People / Websites

Donald H Taylor: You’re here already!
Roger Courville: Good discussion and tips from
Garr Reynolds: Pro presentation/design tips

Stock photography

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